Chess is Strategy and Concentration! Be focused! Practice makes perfect!

Train tactics and memory , Exact endings endings , memory-find last piece and click-record is 51! ,
memory -find pair pieces-click 2 squares-record is 10 secs!
gm Rashid Ziatdinov. FIDE USA-USCF
of the
Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Holland, New York, Moscow,Georgia, California, Florida, Alabama,
of the tornaments
Memorial of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky 2011 Kings Island Open, Queen of heart,7 Open Pittsburg , Open Сolumbus Championship, 35 Annual LA , 5 Ann American Open , Masters, Future Master and many others
Coach the Kirsan Iljumzhinov chess school
Winner Black King 2010!Oscar of Russia 2010, Grand Prix USA 97-99,
Book GM-RAM-Essential-Grandmaster-Chess-Knowledge
Wikipedia Raset Ziatdinov
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